Fruitcake Futures

You've wanted one for years. The time is NOW!

A Yuletide classic: As moist as DC in the summertime, and filled with candied fruit, exotic nuts, hand selected spices, and a touch of holiday magic!

Guaranteed delivery by Thanksgiving... in time for the Holidays

Deluxe Fruitcake


  • One deluxe fruitcake, lovingly baked, and shipped to your door
  • Guaranteed merriment
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Fruitcake Gift


  • The Deluxe Fruitcake in a beautiful, ready-to-gift package
  • Instant hero status
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(WARNING! Eating one of these nut filled cakes is obviously a bad idea if you have a nut allergy. Also, some of the nuts used in our cakes may have been processed at facilities that process peanuts.)